Coasteering near Abereiddy

This involves a mix of cliff jumping, scrambling, climbing, body surfing, wild swimming. Try it out with Celtic Quest Coasteering.
Coasteering near Abereiddy gives you the chance of exploring sea caves at slate beach at low tide and view marine life that live in our wonderful coastline.

Coasteering cliff jumping at the famous Abereiddy Bay where Red Bull World Cliff jumping events are taken place on third previous occasions this year.
Here you can also do some Coasteering cliff jumping either from zero metres to a heart racing 10metres.

Experienced Coasteering guides will adapt your adventure activity to suit, not all want to do the high cliff jumps.

Some of my guests have really enjoyed rough water Coasteering in Pembrokeshire where you take a spin in the toilet flush and washing machine.  Ask Celtic Quest Coasteering for more information. These are our natural water features that vary daily with the tides.

Sea level traversing – sea cliff climbing along the Pembrokeshire coast. Climbing sideways just above the sea, no worries if you fall, you just fall in water. Or go Rock Hopping – a way of moving along our fantastic coastline. You may even have a chance of swimming with Atlantic Grey Seals.