Porthllisky Beach

Porthllisky Beach

Visit Porthllisky beach

since it is one of the hidden gems of the Pembrokeshire coastline.
Just a 10 minute walk through the fields from Ty Mortimer to Porthllisky beach.
Seals come for visits in the cove.
Pebble beach with sandy areas to sit on.
Safe for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking.
Wonderful for discovering rock pools, is this your #wales adventure.

Take your own picnic, no ice cream van there.

Relax on the beach.

Investigate rock pools to see some underwater sea life.

Fantastic snorkelling can be had in the crystal clear waters.

Oystercatchers wading in the sea.

Collect your own bits of driftwood.

Do a beach clean to see where all the fascinating debris comes from.

I have found interesting bits of debris on the beach over the years.

Old bits of fishing nets to carry up home then to drape over the greenhouse to stop the glass panes from breaking in the winds.

The cliffs around the beach have had another hammering again this winter, more cliff erosions now.