Treginnis Peninsular, St Davids

Treginnis Peninsular, St Davids can be easily accessed from the door of Ty Mortimer holiday cottage. Otherwise you may walk the coastal path from Porthclais to St Justinian.

LATEST UPDATE : Two bull seals seen near Ramsey Sound today, 6th September. They were keeping their eyes on me as I was watching them.

Peace and tranquillity.
View chough, coastal flora and fauna.
Coastal path, rugged cliffs.
View porpoises in the breathtaking Ramsey Sound.
Watch gannets diving from great heights.
Seals bathing in the coves.
Paddle or swim at Porthllisky beach on or after your coastal walk.

Treginnis is a National Trust farm.

The weathered Treginnis Peninsula, southwest of St Davids and opposite Ramsey Island (RSPB), is home to the oldest rocks in Pembrokeshire.

Ramsey Sound

The Bitches and Whelps is a reef of rocks which stretches out into Ramsey Sound.
Strong tides that race through the Sound create a quite notorious stretch of water.
The tides run north for approximately 6 hours on the flood and south for 6 hours on the Ebb.
The tidal race in the Sound can reach speeds of up to 8 knots on a spring tide and over the reef itself in places this can increase to 18 knots.
The tide speeds up as it is funnelled through the relatively narrow channel of the sound and the reef then acts as a dam.
This effect is particularly spectacular during the flood tide when the water level on the south side of the rocks can be as much as 1.5 meters higher than that on the north side. Quite something to see when you are out in a boat trip.
In recent years, the Bitches in Ramsey Sound is very popular with kayakers as a white water rodeo venue, and has been host to both national and international kayaking championships.

Ramsey Sound from Treginnis Peninsular, St Davids Wales