Visit Folly Farm Zoo

Folly Farm Zoo is not only for children. Adult friends and I have had some very enjoyable days exploring around Folly Farm Zoo.  So much information to read about the animals that you see.

It is a brilliant place to take the children –

  • viewing the penguins – try to guess which one will swim alongside you in the underwater viewing windows,
  • view lions relaxing in the sun
  • meerkats so captivating to view
  • buy a zoo keeper experience

What used to be a humble dairy farm has now become one of the most exciting places to visit in Wales.

Recently I was able to help feed the penguins – so brilliant to be so close to the penguins.

Caroline and Catrin, the main penguin keepers are so knowledgeable, helpful and you can see that they love their penguins.

The penguin chicks will also become accustomed to the water in a custom-built splash pool, as their waterproof feathers grow and they gain confidence in swimming.

Flamingos, giraffes and many other animals and birds to see.

Zoo Keeper Experience for Age 8+

Perfect present for those who want to have a taste of becoming a zoo keeper.

Giraffe and penguin encounters lasts a minimum of 20 minutes. The zoo keepers talk to you about their lovely animals, you meet the animals, help prepare the food and feed them first hand. Also a tour of the animals’ enclosures. The keepers love their work and this comes over really well. WOW

There is also a vintage funfair and lots more to see. Brilliant day out.


Penguins at Folly Farm and zoo, Pembrokeshire