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offer offshore Whale and Dolphin Watching and viewing Pembrokshire Islands Birds Seals and Porpoises from their unique fleet of vessels with expert guides and skippers.

Voyages of Discovery provide professional voyages for all ages and abilities. Offering sensitive wildlife observation, thrilling expeditions and or adventures.

The most modern fleet of vessels with expert guides and skippers.

The Ramsey Island Voyage

The Ramsey Island Voyage is very special – the 2 hour spectacular is that little bit more.

It encompasses all the caves, rock gorges, birds, seals and porpoises of Ramsey and then a visit St Davids Head, into St Brides Bay or to the Bishops and Clerks.

The two hour voyage allows that little more time to discover and explore the wildlife over a greater area.

If you mention to anyone that you are going Whale and Dolphin Watching they think you are jetting off to the world’s exotic places. Well they are wrong, as Pembrokeshire’s coastal and offshore waters are home, seasonal grounds and migration passages for these enigmatic mammals and it is not unusual to have sightings of several hundred at a time.

Whale and Dolphin watching off the West Wales Coast.

Rob went out on this trip and was so fortunate to see a super pod of dolphins as well as visiting Grassholm island to see the Gannets nesting.

So, here, on the edge of the Celtic Deep, is one of the few places known in the UK where cetaceans, seals and bird life can be found on a predictable schedule and in prolific numbers.  As well as hundreds of Common Dolphin, sightings include Minke Whale, Sei Whale, Fin Whale, Bottle Nose Dolphin, Orca, Rissos Dolphin and Basking Shark. A Blue Whale has been reported though not seen by us. And yes we have seen a Great White !

Porpoises are see on a daily basis, including the inshore Ramsey sailing, due to the resident population.